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PTCL Offer special package for Broadband Subscriber “Get 3G Ptcl evo device free Limited offer“.Now Each PTCL Broadband Customers can get free evo Device with additional charges of 500/month.The actual price of EVO 3.1 Mbps is 3000 and monthly package price start from 1200/month.This offer is limited.
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PTCL EVO Wingle Discounted offer (1500/m) PTCL EVO Wingle helps you connect to the internet in more than 200 cities, towns and villages throughout Pakistan. The Wingle offers 9.3 Mbps connectivity (built-in nitro enabled) 200+ geographic locations and auto switches to 3.1 Mbps connectivity in 250 non-nitro coverage areas.
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Ptcl charji in Ramadan 2019 offering exciting double volume offer, recharge any charji device within 2 weeks after the expiry date and enjoy double volume for the whole month. So basically this offer is for existing Ptcl charji customers who already have met their expiry date of their package. This offer is only valid till 31st May 2019.
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Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited has launched the PTCL Muft EVO Offer. This allows any new customer the chance to get an EVO Wingle absolutely free, says a press release.
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PTCL 3G EVO Recharge Offer. Under this promotion, any EVO subscriber who has not recharged his EVO account since 1st of August 2012 can simply recharge today and enjoy 100% FREE balance for the next respective period equal to the amount of first recharge or line rent paid.