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The best way to offer condolences to someone who just lost a husband is to say a little heartfelt word of sympathy and offer to help out. You can offer to pick up the children, or drop them at their grandmas’, get some so groceries, bring them food as the family is on shutdown at such moments.

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Condolences can also offer comfort. Often, hearing about how the deceased positively impacted others can help provide immense comfort during a painful time. Lastly, knowing that people care and that the survivors or those still alive matter to others, can help the person feel connected with their day to day life again and face their loss.

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It’s a very human instinct to want to offer condolences and support in person when someone has died. However, for a variety of reasons—either your own circumstances or the family’s need to forego or delay a memorial service—it may be impossible to do so. In those cases, you may wish to say a little more in your written message.

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Visit our Sympathy Flower Store to find an elegant bouquet to express your condolences. Making Condolence Calls. If you can’t visit in person, a telephone call expressing sympathy and offering condolences for the family is appropriate. Don’t be surprised if the phone is answered by someone who is taking messages, or your call goes to voicemail.

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Synonyms for offer condolences include commiserate, sympathise, sympathize, console, empathise, empathize, pity, comfort, solace and condole. Find more similar words

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I offer my condolences, and I will be here for you and your family. Your Mother was an Angel to all of us. Stay strong; you are in our Prayers. Keep the memory of your Mother alive, and may you find the comfort you need. We are devastated to hear of your Mom’s passing. You are in our prayers, God Bless.