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Lotto Meaning in Hindi is . It is written as in Roman Hindi. Lotto is a noun by form. The synonyms and antonyms of Lotto are listed below. Lotto [lot-oh] Definitions of Lotto. n. A game of chance, played with cards or tickets, on which are inscribed numbers, and any contrivance (as a wheel containing numbered balls) for determining a set of
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Lotto Name Meaning Italian: from the personal name Lotto, a short form of a pet name formed from the hypocoristic suffix -lotto, for example Bertolotto, Angelotto. Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press
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Did you know Jamaica Cash Pot is controlled by Supreme Ventures. Read more on this popular Jamaican addiction. This is a gallery of the cash pot symbols, images in the Jamaica version of Cash Pot.
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Lotto Meaning In Urdu. Lotto Meaning in English to Urdu is لوٹو, as written in Urdu and Loto, as written in Roman Urdu. There are many synonyms of Lotto which include Chance, Gambling, Raffle, Sweepstake, Game Of Chance, Door Prize, Luck Of The Draw, Numbers Game, etc.
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History and Etymology for lotto. borrowed from French & Italian; French loto, borrowed from Italian lotto "lottery, game of chance based on guessing numbers drawn from an urn (originally lotto di Genova "Genoa lottery"), borrowed from Middle French lot "lot, portion, share" — …
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LOTTO is immutable, meaning that the lottery will run every day and no third party can start or stop it from occuring. Once the first lottery runs, the lottery will continue to run forever so long as the Ethereum blockchain continues to propogate. After 24 hours has passed, anyone can call the lottery initiation function and commence the next
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Lotto. Something that is Awesome, a showing of great Luck or Skill, the opposite of Bankrupt. Those girls should join the cheer squad, they have tremendous spirit, and that back-flip was lotto! by …
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Lotto definition, a game of chance in which a leader draws numbered disks at random from a stock and the players cover the corresponding numbers on their cards, the winner being the first to cover a complete row. See more.